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I made this page to disclose and disclaim information about certain things on my blog. Please read this before proceeding on my blog.

Affiliations & Sponsors

As a blogger, I sometimes am compensated for affiliate links. I make very small percentages of profits of things that are sold from these links, or from discounts given. These are all at no additional charge to the buyer. Some programs I currently use and love are; Amazon, Techs Make Money (Pharmacy Discount Cards). I would never intentionally advertise or promote a product that is in any way harmful to the readers or buyers. Some times I will do promotional posts, but promise not to make a habit of it. This blog is a place for me to escape and write about my experiences to inspire others. Being slightly compensated for it would just be a blessed bonus. Please feel free to contact me regarding anything you see on this site that may be harmful to viewers. I will not take it personally, I swear.

Also, If you wish to advertise on this blog, please leave a comment below and include your email address so that we can begin a working partnership (your comment will be delete when I have saved you as a contact). I will be adding my own banners here on this website at some point.


As someone who is familiar with HIPAA laws, I understand and promote the idea of privacy, and will do whatever I can to protect my readers. With that being said, please do not share any private or extremely personal information on my blog. It WILL be deleted immediately! As a person, you are responsible for your own actions in giving out your personal information. If I see something I think is a violation, I will have to delete it and report it. This includes services for the discount card. Please contact 1-877-277-7932 if you are having any problems with the card. Do not give out your personal information to anyone over the internet, or even me. I will not respond, and will delete it. If you continue to disregard my rules, I will have to block you from being a reader.


I will never promote a harmful product to my readers knowingly. If I am informed properly of something harmful, I WILL take it off of my blog

I do not believe in sharing addresses, private health information, or phone numbers of people without their permission. Please email me at If their is something you would like to talk about personally. Understand that I cannot give medical advice, even if I share my own medical issues on this blog. I can only tell you what works for me (or what doesn't)

My political opinions shared on this blog will never be directly pointed at a certain person. I do not wish to name and slander ANY one on this blog. If I share about something I disagree with, It will be against the idea or way of thinking and NEVER the person themselves. Please take part in not slandering any people you know personally on my blog. If I see that you are sharing personal information about another person, I WILL delete your comments! Please respect other people on my blog, even if you disagree with them.

I do allow swearing and derogatory terms in my comments. As a person who believes in free speech. However, If I see that someone is being unnecessarily attacked or disrespected, I will be forced to delete your comments. Free Speech has consequences.

I will never not allow anyone to share their feelings and opinions on my blog, even if I completely disagree.

No statement on my blog is approved by any health organization.  Please take lightly any recipe or health and beauty product I share on my blog. Always consult your doctor first and consider your own health conditions before trying anything! Anything I share is what works for  ME. Everyone is different, and every food and beauty or health item reacts with people in a different way.


Most images that I use on this blog are my own, except for in sponsored posts. Occasionally,  I will take images from "All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.. ". Please see their website for more details.

I will never intentionally use media that has been copyrighted. Please contact me right away if I have used your image or video if it has been copyrighted. If it is an image, please also contact the above website, as that is where I acquired it from, and they are giving a free pass to use your media.

As for videos, I only use Youtube videos under the Fair Use. If a video has been copyrighted, please contact me right away so that I can remove it.

I will not put music directly onto my blog, but will link to a proper source for it.

I am not responsible for others posting copyrighted materials in comments on my blog, but will delete it immediately when notified out of respect for those who produced it.

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