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What every woman should get for her kitchen

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My generation is anything but kitchen savvy. Fast food, and the normalization of eating processed foods {aka, the easy way out}, has made real, traditional cooking almost obsolete. Most kitchens of my friends have the very basic kitchenware: forks, spoons, knives, plates, bowls, cups, maybe a mug or two, and a cookie sheet. The only appliances are toasters and microwaves. Even as a more "modern" couple, my husband and I have a deep fryer, big soup pans, a food processor, and more.

Even though I hate the idea of blogs that just make posts with boring lists, I've actually put some good thought into a list of things that I would like to put in my traditional kitchen with a touch of modern. My desire to embrace more homemade foods is the inspiration behind this article... it's actually for me, but I thought it would be a great idea to share with those women out there who also want to embrace a more traditional lifestyle.

First thing that you should know, is that I do have affiliate links attached to this list. I am in no way implying that you NEED to buy these things, but it is a fun way for me to monetize my site while also making it easy for readers to create a shopping list all in one place, or to even add these to a wish list {don't be afraid to share your amazon wish list around Christmas time!}.

So enough boring rambles, here is my not-so-perfect list of items every woman should consider adding to her kitchen.

Rolling Pin
A great rolling pin is the perfect from-scratch baking companion. My favorite type is the classic roller with handles like this one here. I can remember helping my mom and grandmother with one of these every holiday season, and I loved being allowed to roll the dough. There a few different types of rolling pins-- there are some without handles, and the most popular materials are plastic and wooden. A good wooden one is ideal, but no one will judge you for buying a plastic one of course.

Flour Sifter
Baking with flour can sometimes be annoying without a sifter {also sometimes called a sieve}. I am a big fan of making beer bread, but I've found that the recipe works out more in my favor if the flour has first been sifted. This makes for a lighter dough, and makes for easier blending of dry ingredients. I use one with a hand crank that is stainless steel, and, with the proper care, will last me a few good years.

Mason or Glass Jars
Canning, storing, making crafts-- Mason jars are very popular in the DIY world. My family seemed to have an abundance of these lying around-- at least one stood somewhere in every room of the house. The possibilities for usage are ENDLESS with these jars. It's best to buy them in bulk, because they can get a tad pricy. Handle them with care and keep them clean when not in use. There are of course other types of useful glass jars, so if Mason jars aren't your thing, there are other options out there for you. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Whether you are straining pasta or cleaning fresh vegetables, a colander or strainer is super useful for your kitchen. It is similar to the flour sifter, but usually is much bigger and can be made of either steel or plastic. If you grow your own vegetables, make your own pasta, or fry a lot of meat, you will definitely find a ton of uses for one of these filters. They are pretty inexpensive, especially if you decide to opt for one of the plastic types.

Cutting Board
One of the most necessary items in all of home food preparation is a cutting board. I use mine to cut up vegetables, fruit, meat & nuts, and also with kneading dough, rolling it out, etc.
Cutting boards come in many different materials; wood, bamboo, plastic, rubber, silicone, glass, and steel. in my opinion, the wood boards are the best, though glass would definitely be easier to clean {but also is more likely to break, therefore not really worth the money}.

This is by no means a perfect or extensive list, but for anyone wanting to know where to get a good start in homemade cooking, these utensils are ideal.

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