Thursday, February 16, 2017

Embracing Womanhood

As controversial as this may sound, I have come to believe in and respect gender roles, especially those of Western value. I certainly wasn't always this way -- for a few years, I slowly became an ugly sjw type who believed women should have high end careers and that the thought of staying home with children was weak. However, growing up I desperately wanted to be married with children. It seemed like the highest calling of a woman, a role so taken for granted. I have come full circle to believe in this again. As a mature adult, I KNOW that my place is as a wife, and a mother if circumstances allow. My career is not who I am. It's only a small factor.

For two years, I put a lot of stock into my job. I both regret it and appreciate it. For one, the stress has taken major toll on my body, but at the same time the work was something I was good at and that I could be proud of. Let me make it clear that I have nothing against women wanting to have a career (because sometimes staying home, especially before you have kids or after they are grown up can be extremely BORING). I just don't think that it should be expected or treated as something extra special.

It saddens me that for a culture that puts so much effort into women's rights, that we have forgotten that there is still things that a woman feels more compelled to do naturally. Men and women are certainly different in more ways than what is between their legs. Equality shouldn't mean that we are treated the same -- it should just mean that we should have the same basic rights. With that, I 100% agree with feminists. And I thank them for what they have done to make it possible. However, it stops there for me. I don't want to be treated like a man. That is where my husband comes in -- he provides the masculinity in our partnership.

One gender role of the woman that I particularly love is the supportive wife. I want to be there for my husband. Oh, what I wouldn't do for him. I long for the chance to keep a happy home for him and to raise his children. Right now it's something we struggle with, but it's a future plan that is inevitable. I'm still thinking of ways to cut down to part-time and making it work where he becomes the provider. Naturally being a hard worker, staying home all the time is probably not an option for me.

Another gender role of the woman that I admire is the role of motherhood. For the ups, for the downs. I want to be a mother in all it's glory. To teach my children, to love my children. To cook for them, to clean for them. Even things like taking them to dentist and doctor's appointments are somethings I look forward to. Women who can easily conceive just do not realize how lucky they have it!

I also love the woman's role in her community, and friendship. My job has provided me with some lifelong friends (and unfortunately, enemies) that I have learned so much from. I would love to be able to show them how much I appreciate them! I also cannot wait for my future community-building ideas to take place. I really want to teach women how to garden, cross-stitch, knit, and crochet, cook, etc. etc. That is one reason I created this blog. Of course, I have ways to go on improving these skills myself.

For all of our flaws, women are pretty amazing. What we are meant for and what we can do amazes me everyday. I cannot wait to raise daughters that will be proud of their womanhood, just as I have come to be.

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